January In Memphis

It's been grey and rainy and cold.  Snow is predicted here for tomorrow.  The city is a state of advanced chaos and giddy excitement at the news.  The grocery store is a war zone and forecasters are using terms such as "blizzard like conditions", however, the prediction is for 2 inches of accumulation.  But that is what a Memphis winter is all about.  

My grandmother grew up here.  When she and my grandfather (who lived in the South growing up as well) married in November of 1940, they moved to Milwaukee, WI.  Very shortly after moving it snowed.  Snow for them was a rare and joyous event being from the South.  They went out to the local park, and played, and built a snowman, and had so much fun.  My grandmother told me how all the other adults who saw them were unimpressed at their behaviour.  My grandparents didn't understand why no one else who was past school age wasn't playing.  In Memphis, after all, everyone young and old played when it snowed.  It was a holiday.  Then my grandmother said, "When it was still snowing in April, I understood why no one was joining in."  I'm not sure she ever fully recovered from five and a half years in the north but for me after 15 years here I say snow day with some joy.   

Here are a few shots from the work I have been doing this month while trying to get us all back and moving in a rhythm.