I make art.  I cram it in around caring for my family and all the ways that children and life consume your time, but I make art.  What I make and how I make it has changed a lot over the years because of life situations, but I can't stop myself for long.  

I grew up watching my grandmother needlepoint, and engage in many other decorative arts. After spending many years working in a bronze foundry, I shifted the focus of my own creative expressions from metals to fabric and fibers to fit my life as a mother. I love to created pieces that allow me to engage in a high level of intricate details and yet still be incorporated into a modern busy life.

I have a BFA in sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design, and while I was at RISD I had the distinct joy of being part of the European Honors Program and spent a year in Rome.  I worked as  a foreman for Lugar Foundry and Gallery in Eads, TN. for 7 years until my first child was born.  

For inspiration, I have my children or course, but beyond that I look to nature and the ways other cultures, including Japanese and Chinese traditional artists, capture it.  I also love to look at functional craft traditions and the care and intense beauty that is found in objects of use from earlier times.