So Very Excited!

I was sitting down to work on my neglected blog today, and realized that in the blur of July and back to school of August, (yes, in Memphis, we go back to school at the beginning of August, crazy I know)  that I had completely neglected to share my NEWS.   I am over the moon with excitement about being a part of the Urban Barn Market here is Memphis in October.  


This is a spectacular event put together by two women, Carrie Walters Floyd and Debi Heying Vincent, both with enormous energy and courage.  I am rather in awe when I meet people who are able to go achieve their goals with such confidence and gusto.  This is the second market they have put together and will again be at the Woodruff Fontaine House.  

I have been making lists, and sketching, and cutting, and sewing, and scheming, trying to make sure that I can bring as much of the best of my work as possible to this event.  I'll posting sneak peeks of new work both here and on my instagram account because I never can keep items secret.  

I'll be in the carriage house so please be sure to stop by and see my work in person.