The Best Laid Plans...

As so often, I massively over estimated what I would be able to accomplish this summer.  Between swim lessons, summer reading lists, berry picking, sibling issues, and the endless list that is summer, my time is slipping on past.  I have been busy working but not on as many things for shop as I anticipated.  I made the girls some jammies and sundresses, and have been sewing a star wars wardrobe for my nephew, and several projects for my mother.  They have been fun projects though, so I thought I might take a moment to share them.

This is the start of some booties my mother requested for a friend's grandchild.  They gave me a chance to play about with some different stitching techniques.  They don't match here, but the do in finished form.


I changed the overall style of the booties slightly.  This style ties up at the ankle and is a little more shoe like than the moccasin or sandal style I have made in the past.  My mother wanted them red for good luck.  I decided to use a theme that played on the  Chinese good fortune envelopes.  The deep red, and gold tones really sing against each other.  These make it to the shop after all as a custom order item.

The Star Wars themed costume  was made from the awesome tutorials at  I have tried several of her patterns now and thoroughly enjoyed them.  The patterns are well drafted and her directions are very clearly written.  I'll post some photos of the finished products on my instagram account later.  If you have find a need for a Jedi costume, I would definitely recommend checking into her site.  They sewed up fast and easy and look authentic.  

The last project for my mother is way off the regular path for me.  Living in St. Louis it is impossible not to be a Cardinals fan. My parents take in a lot of baseball, and so my mom wanted a pair of Toms painted up to show off her team spirit.  So I bought a pair of knock offs to test out a design and techniques. 

I've got much sewing and designing to get to now, and 3 gallons of fresh picked blueberries to eat, and cook, and store.