Where did this fall go?

The school year is flying by.  My husband teaches, which means that since three out of the four members of the family live by the school year, it seems like we should celebrate New Year's Day August 1.  Yes August first, because here in the mid-south school starts early.  Long gone are the days of starting the day after Labor Day.  

But all of this is a digression to say simply that I have been swallowed up in the sea of schedules and activities that consume us all.  I've been so very busy.  I had an amazing time being part of the Urban Barn Market.  More about that here.  I created a great deal of new work in preparation that I have been wanting to share and just haven't sat down at the computer with the will to post anything.  

I've been experimenting quite a bit with more wall hangings/quilts.  I shared a photo journal of the creation of a piece with coneflowers. I also started working with some gorgeous cashmere sweaters that were passed on to me after moths found them.  They are amazing shades of blue that were perfect for iris.  


I also had enough of the materials left to make a few more cotton boll items.  Pillows restocked and also a large wall piece

I started working today on a new design for a fall leaf design that will be headed to become a wall work in the next few days.  


The happiest news is that I'll be busy for some time to come as well.  I will be at the Mullins United Methodist Church Craft Fair, Saturday November 14.  And just one day after the Urban Barn Market ended I received the news that I am going to be part of the Brook Museum of Art Holiday Artist Market.  I am thrilled to be part of this event.  I'll be posting more details about the sale and offering glimpses of some of the new items headed to the sale.  Some of the artists participating are those that I have admired for quite some time.  It is very gratifying to find myself in the same ranks.  I discovered the work of Baucum Pottery when I first moved here to Memphis.  It is amazing ceramics work created by a married couple.  Their work is simply stunning.  Melissa Bridgman of Bridgman Pottery is another very talented potter.  She also is gracious in sharing support and help to other artisans in the Memphis area.  I hope that if you are in the Mid-South that you come by and see my work in person.